Why is it eminent to learn AI and ML basics these days?

March, 2019

Importance of upskilling for a continuous growth

We as a civilization, are constantly evolving, learning, un-learning, re-learning to reach a standard that can enhance our sustenance. During this journey, we as an individual or an organization cannot be happy and content or rather satisfied with the latest mastery. Learning must be constant in order to keep pace with the latest technological developments. Without continuous upskilling, all our progress will suffer a set back and our development will become stagnant, both intrinsically and extrinsically. In this aspect, it is worth mentioning how much important the concepts artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has become for individuals and organizations alike.

Learning the Basics

In an era when AI and ML are the buzz words, there is no escaping from learning and understanding them. As a matter of fact, these are concepts created to make the job at hand more meaningful and seamless. Both the concepts of AI and ML can be understood by even a novice with a little effort as to reading the thoughts penned down by technical geeks.

AI and ML in a nut shell

Let’s try to understand the concepts; the thought behind formulation of both the ideas were recreating something similar to humans in an effort to simplify task, reduce the manpower, hence save cost and improve deadlines and service delivery quality. Having said that, AI in a simple term is the brain of a system or machine. While ML is the capability to learn which helps AI to gather information from a pool of data already available and utilize it effectively to perform the required function. So, it is more of data learning than developing one’s programming skills. The focus is on optimum and effective utilization of the data fed in the system. Alike human beings, artificial intelligence tagged along with machine learning is a neural network where learning can be transferred. It is also important here to mention that machine learning does not mean that from a specific data pool it can extract other data. It can only operate based on the available data.

Potential of AI and ML

Nevertheless, it will not be reasonable to comment on what machine learning or artificial intelligence can do at such an early stage, where we are still at the surface. Machine learning can become much more meaningful with given time and opportunity. This can become evident with upskilling or training the workforce dealing with the work which can be simplified using machine learning. It will not be incorrect if we say that it is a myth that with artificial intelligence in the coming, the job market will get downsized. Rather it can be looked upon as the opportunity where individuals with required training on concepts like; artificial intelligence and machine learning can do wonders. So, it is absolutely necessary to learn the AI and ML basics. Although the revolution has begun, it still needs time to settle and gain speed.

– Kathakali Basu, 
Content Writer,
Infoholic Research