Visitor Management System is at the Forefront Among Essential Security Measures for Large Enterprises

July, 2019

Digital technologies empower visitor management systems to function effectively in blocking calendars and integrate with MS Office. Increasing deployments are witnessed due to smart city initiatives by various nations. Countries, including the US, China, and Australia, are investing substantially in smart cities, which will also boost the smarter way to communicate with the visitors.

The visitor management system tracks the visitors in the facilities and helps in navigating via the mobile app. It helps to save enormous time in streamlining visitors in the facilities. The emerging players are competing among themselves for the lion's share in the market. The adoption rate of the visitor management system and software is currently highest in Asia Pacific, followed by North America and Europe.

The growing need to enhance visibility and tracking of visitors in facilities & tech park is expected to boost the visitor management systems market. iLobby, SwippedOn, Envoy, Proxyclick, Sine, Cogent Innovations, Lobbipad, EasyLobby, Traction Guest, and WhosOnLocation are few of the companies leading in the market. The visitor management systems are focusing on scalable and integrated identity management and tracking. These vendors are assisting organizations in planning day-to-day activities. More organizations are expected to leverage mobility and app notification to concerned people for the visitor.

The major deployments of the visitor management systems are witnessed in cloud deployments than in on-premise deployments. RFID and biometrics have brought a whole new experience for managing security aspects associated with visitors in office premises. The market is relatively new in Asia Pacific; however, it has great potential to move ahead with greater penetration. With more SEZ and tech parks coming up with local government initiatives, the visitor management system is expected to witness significant traction in the cities securing facilities and buildings. Scalability of visitor management systems is an area where companies are expected to face challenges as there are system integration issues that come up while managing large infrastructure with legacy systems.

– Swarup Bhowal
ICT – Research Analyst
Infoholic Research