Visible changes in MEMS Microphones Market – Expanding Production Capacity of Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones

July, 2018

The growing trend on integrating voice interface in electronic devices is accelerating the demand MEMS microphones across various applications such as smart speakers, wearables with voice activation and control, -battery powered IP cameras with activation by sound & movement, and voice interface in IoT applications like agriculture, healthcare, automotive, ATMs, and information kiosks.

MEMS microphones are highly preferred microphones in electronics devices over the traditional electret-condenser microphone(ECM), as MEMS microphones have higher performance density compared to ECM. Technically, there are two types of MEMS microphones: capacitive MEMS microphones and piezoelectric MEMS microphones among which capacitive MEMS microphones is widely adopted microphones, as majority of players present in the market offers capacity MEMS microphones with huge manufacturing capacity.

Microphones is the integral part of any devices with voice activation and control, integrating hands-free voice control to a variety of products has various challenges, as the widely available capacitive MEMS microphones are not suitable harsh environmental conditions. As the reflection of this, there has been increased focused on piezoelectric MEMS microphones. Piezoelectric materials in MEMS applications is not new concept, smartphones manufactured today contain multiple piezoelectric radio-frequency (RF) filters.

Piezoelectric MEMS microphones are rugged in nature, and has capacity to withstand dust, oil, water, mechanical shock, and acoustic overload. Additionally, compared to other microphones these microphones consume significantly less power, which is ideally suitable for battery operated devices and other always listening solutions.

Piezoelectric MEMS microphones entering Mass production

Presently, Vesper Technologies Inc. – a U.S. based technology company specialized in developing piezoelectric MEMS microphones, has commercially launched MEMS microphones. As Piezoelectric MEMS microphones is expected to be the game changer in the MEMS microphones market, as the growing preference for low-power rugged microphones from various device manufacturers focusing on developing voice activated devices.

Presently, the MEMS microphones market is dominated by capacitive MEMS microphones, the production capacity piezoelectric MEMS microphones is significantly less, Vesper Technologies is currently focusing on mass production of its piezoelectric MEMS microphones.

In May 2018. Vesper Technologies Raises $23 million in Series B funding, led by American Family Ventures, with the objective to mass production of its piezoelectric microphones

Delsingh Bright
 Market Research Analyst
Infoholic Research