The Rise of M-Commerce

The rapid growth in internet and smartphone has opened new avenues of business transactions and communication bringing the world closer. This medium allows people to perform business transactions using their smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices from any location without paying heavy charges.

This M-commerce evolution is growing at a rapid pace with many mobile application and cross-platform communication methods available in the market. The speed at which people are getting familiar with these services is brightening the future of M-Commerce market.

Trends that will define the M-commerce industry

  • Automation will take centre stage – More and more brands will opt for an m-Commerce application that can automate and streamline activities. The prime focus will be on user re-engagement model starting from promoting new features by sending timely emails to updates on social media to managing loyalty program. The success of an m-Commerce application will depend on the different automation tools it will use.
  • Chatbot – Chatbot has completely changed the customer engagement dimension by providing round the clock services. It collects all the customer data and provides enterprises with an opportunity to learn about their customers to give them a personalized shopping experience using advanced technology like AI.
  • Single Click Payments – Consumers want to do transactions on the go with minimal effort. This is constantly pushing the need for m-commerce retailers to incorporate single click payment options. The single click payments system will give a big boost in impulsive buying ratio and will push the overall mobile transaction to a completely new high.
  • Augmented Reality – In the coming time, a large number of retailers will integrate their store’s operations with augmented reality to provide end users an enhanced and immersive shopping experience. It will allow customers to get an in-depth view of the product’s features and other updates. It will instill a sense of confidence among buyers while making the purchase decisions.


Technology is growing at an unprecedented speed making it important for enterprises to adapt to the new trends quickly in order to attract multiple markets. One thing common with all consumers today is a smartphone in the pocket which is constantly pushing the need for a robust M-commerce platform that can make the buying experience faster, relevant and secured. This ability of M-commerce to provide the customer with detailed product information with easy purchase procedures makes it the most sought-after medium among all the digital commerce platforms.

– Pawan Mudholkar
Infoholic Research