Sports Analytics

November, 2018

What is sports analytics?

Sports analytics analyzes the raw data to derive meaningful insights which can be used by decision makers such as marketing managers, stadium owners, coaches, players, trainers in achieving competitive advantage, retaining and engaging fans, and enhancing team and individual performances.

Sports organizations such as MLB, NBA, and NAHL are looking for analytical solutions and are adopting data driven decision-making strategies to grow their fan base and remain competitive. Over the past few years sports analytics has experienced tremendous rise. Sports analytics enables sports organizations and athletes to reach a higher level and stay ahead of competition.

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How is analytics used in sports?

Analytics in sports have several benefits not only for teams and players but for owners, stakeholders, and fans as well. Sports analytics can be used in following ways:

  • Fact-based decision making

  • Team selection

  • Improving team performance

  • Analyzing player or individual performances

  • Monitoring health performance

  • Making better communication within teams

  • Enhancing fan experience

  • Identifying top performers

Other benefits of sports analytics

Examples of sports analytics

  • STATS have invested heavily in technologies such as AI, machine learning, and computer vision and have combined industry’s deep data set with customer centric approach to deliver team performance and fan engagement solutions to their clients. Various sports leagues such as Ligue de Football Professionnel, Major League Baseball, Serie A, Professional Golfers Association, National Rugby League, and several other technology and media companies have chosen STATS as their sports partner.

  • Sam Allardyce, Manager at West Ham United Football Club used the potential of data and analytics to positively affect the sports team’s performance and athlete’s performance. He managed Bolton Wanderers,Newcastle United, and Blackburn Rovers football clubs in England.

  • KINEXON, a provider of real-time intelligence has successfully partnered with more than 10 NBA teams in the field of basketball. FC Bayern Munich a basket ball club in Germany which competes domestically and internationally in Bundesliga and the EuroLeague, has entered into a partnership with KINEXON, which offers real-time solutions and innovative tracking system which will help the club in improving the performance of the team.

  • Eintracht Frankfurt a German football club is progressing towards digitalization from sports as well from the economic point of view. The club has recently partnered with KINEXON, a provider of real-time intelligence. The company’s KINEXON ONE solution complements the solution provided by SAP (SAP Sports One) as SAP is the co-innovation partner Eintracht Frankfurt had digitized the sports area and formed a state-of-the-art work environment in terms of technology, handling, and sustainability with a digital platform. KINEXON solution will optimize tactical analysis and performance diagnostics in the future.

Future perspective

The global sports analytics market is expected to grow at a significant rate of around 43.5% CAGR, as many major sports teams have started utilizing the power of analytics for enhancing their performance in games. Sports analytics provides athletes with detailed tactics for improving their performance, improves coaching which results in enhanced team performance, it also enhances fans experience by leveraging social media and smartphones and optimizing revenues through ticket pricing.

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- Sonam Chawla,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research