Role of Cybersecurity in Physical Security

May, 2019

Present day organizations usually don’t rely on one kind of security. Most companies deploy physical as well as cybersecurity protocols. Hence, organizations need to understand the intersection and role of cybersecurity in enhancing the premise security. The most important benefit of an integrated security approaches is that entire security monitoring can be brought at a single place. As most of the threat is estimated to arise from intrusion and illegal accesses, cybersecurity provides a major boost to restriction of access to wrong person to critical areas.

Key advantages of integrating cybersecurity with physical security:

  • Stronger physical security framework: The integrated security system helps in designing a framework that assists in estimating the number threat prone areas of surveillance cameras, access points and others. Different type of security systems installed in organizations require different frameworks, for instance IoT-based security system would be different from stand-alone security systems.

  • Prioritize alerts and incident response: Cybersecurity helps in streamlining and prioritizing the response activities in case of multiple breaches. It can greatly minimize the effort to identify the best measure to restrict any breaches or threats arising due to intrusion in the premises of data center.

  • Enhanced response systems: With the application of IoT everywhere, the role of security has increased with smart locks, smartphones, RFID access points and others can be hacked by criminals and connected systems can be exploited by them. Cybersecurity can play a major role in restricting the damages in such breaches.


The current patterns of using computer networks to monitor facility systems remotely has increased the scope of cybercrime to steal data or harm the businesses. The integrated cybersecurity with physical security helps in managing the control systems. With most of the organizations around the globe are not ready to tackle serious cyber threats, it is important for organizations to invest in right technologies for threat detection and prevention. The physical security measures coupled with cybersecurity improves the authentication and centralized monitoring of various security systems. The initiatives such as smart cities and infrastructures across the globe are also focusing on enhancing the physical security integrated with cybersecurity technologies for better control over intrusions.

– Swarup Bhowal
ICT - Research Analyst
Infoholic Research