Growth of e-Navigation

July, 2019

e-Navigation is the process of collecting, integrating, presenting, and exchanging marine information of on-board and ashore digitally for enhancing the efficiency, safety, and security of the shipping industry. e-Navigation could also be considered as an initial step for implementing autonomous shipping.

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Fuel efficiency is a major factor affecting the shipping industry. Mainly, a shipping process involves route planning and weather monitoring. Optimization of these parameters plays a major role in improving the efficiency of the voyage. e-Navigation helps to harmonize the collection and integration of shipping data and helps to improve the safety of navigation. e-Navigation software provides a clear real-time data of all the changes which can happen if route changes and helps the crew to get a better understanding of the operations.

e-Navigation helps to increase the level of communication exchanged between the ship and the port. Officials can witness the performance of the vessel and its fuel consumption from the shore and can make necessary changes to the route if required. Digitalization including E-navigation is highly dependent on the size of the fleet and it is expected that shipping companies will have to deal with aspects of cybersecurity as well as implement e-navigation solution.

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Growing adoption of e-navigation solutions is a major driver for companies providing e-navigation and other digitalization solutions for the shipping industry. However, many old vendors in the shipping industry are reluctant to adopt new methods and are more comfortable with the traditional paper method. One major reason for this is the lack of trust in uploading their valuable information on the internet. With many issues of cyberattacks in recent news, many shipping companies are sceptic about adopting the digital method. Any data breach could result in loss of reputation for shipping vendors, most of them having several years of experience in the industry.

– Arjun Das
ICT – Research Analyst
Infoholic Research