Improving Product and Accommodating Market to Extend the Epoxy Sealer Market in Europe

February, 2020

Epoxy is a low-cost resin, which adds high strength to the structure via filling pours and providing even surface with better abrasion/adhesion properties. The concrete substrate has been the largest consumer segment for the epoxy sealer, which has been enjoying consistent growth throughout the European market. The extent of growth differs across economies; however, it has been the only bright spot in the European economy, battling with a series of disruptions ranging from BREXIT to yellow vest protests to contracting economies. All the big economies in Western European markets have been struggling to revive the economy with France, Germany, and the UK all facing their own demons. The situation is expected to normalize in 2020 and 2021, giving enough growth opportunities for the European market to expand during the forecast period. According to Infoholic Research, the European epoxy sealer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period 2019–2025, with major growth coming during the second half of this period.

Technological developments in terms of faster curing, better chemical & mechanical resistance, deeper surface penetration, and suitability to more substrate are going to offer new products to the market, bringing bigger opportunities for the epoxy sealer market. The wider product range would not only serve industrial precision and efficiency but would also appeal tremendously growing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market, which was almost untouchable for the epoxy sealer market with low ease of use.

The market competition is expected to remain fierce with localization playing a key role as national champions dominate the construction market in each of the major countries. The long-standing relationships and reliability would be key factors for companies to maintain their competitiveness as they rely on innovation to capture new territory. Some of the major active companies in the European epoxy sealer market are AkzoNobel, Arkema, Axalta Coating Systems, Henkel, Hexion Inc., Huntsman Corporation, PPG Coatings, RPM International, Sherwin Williams, and Wacker Chemie.

The study produced by Infoholic Research provides drivers, restraints, opportunities with current and emerging market trends. The market for epoxy sealer has been analyzed based on substrate types – concrete, metal, wood, and others (such as plastics and rubber); and based on end-use segments – industrial construction, non-industrial construction, transportation, furniture & sports equipment, and others (medical and industrial equipment). Further, it covers an in-depth analysis of each type and application along with forecasting and trends analysis in the European epoxy sealer market.