E-Learning – Empowering People Across The Globe

The education industry is going through a radical change mainly driven by the advancements in technology. These new innovations in technology have completely changed the market scenario with enterprises focusing on implementing customer service models that are superior as well as cost-effective.

The growth of the internet and its users has given rise to better concepts of learning. One of the revolutionary concepts among them is e-learning, which only in a few years has shown tremendous growth opportunities.

Enterprises are putting their money in innovative educational tools and learning management systems that can train and produce more efficient employees. Many schools and universities are looking at diversifying their courses using online platforms. This growing trend is mainly driven by the fact that every individual will get access to the same type of training at any time and from anywhere.

Top E-Learning Trends

  • Microlearning – Microlearning uses interactive videos, games, and quiz to train people online. These courses are objective-specific and custom designed to suit the specific type of trainees. Microlearning modules can be easily deployed and accessed using simple devices like mobile phones which makes them cost-effective.
  • Social learning platforms – Social learning platforms are a group of professional people sharing their knowledge and learning experiences using robust tools like chat boxes and other online and digital forums. Most of the E-learning platforms provide this feature as it is easy for organizations/institutes to train their people using the experience of their own senior staff and other employees with specific expertise.
  • Intelligent Assistants or Chatbots – Organizations are developing intelligent assistants/chatbots that can train people on specific topics. It will train people on implementing critical processes like information security, data protection, and regulatory compliances on the shop floor itself making them well aware of the ground reality.
  • Immersive learning spaces – VR and AR technology are gaining a lot of popularity and are considered one of the robust platforms for learning. This has resulted in many higher education institutes investing heavily in redesigning classrooms to incorporate immersive learning spaces that can provide formal as well as informal opportunities for learning. The future will see immersive technology become almost ubiquitous with everything embodied in eyeglasses and other devices.
  • Game-based learning – Game-based eLearning or Gamification training helps in improving employee engagement levels. Game-based eLearning makes use of different engagement activities and interactive sessions to boost employee productivity. These training sessions are very creative forms of learning activities and help organizations achieve business learning goals in a more effective manner than the traditional eLearning methods.


The rapid rise of the E-learning platform is evident to the fact that it can deliver different types of content to different types of people at the same time. Its utility is expected to improve year by year with more robust tools and platforms being designed to provide faster and easier learning experience. The coming years will witness more number of people getting access to the latest eLearning programs that will take their knowledge to a completely high level.

– Pavan Mudholkar,
Sr Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research