Driver Behaviour Analytics

July, 2018


Driver behaviour analysis is an emerging trend that caters to the needs of various markets.  It is very crucial to detect the distraction or aggressive behaviour of the driver, to improve safety. Understanding Driving Behaviour will help in improving the traffic safety by reporting and classifying drivers based on their individual driving patterns. Currently, solutions like Driver Monitoring, a part of vehicle telematics, are being implemented which provides information about the driver behaviour by connecting into the on-board chip of the vehicle. This constant and continuous monitoring will further help in reducing accidents and damages caused by erratic driving.

The driver behaviour analytics is beneficial as it helps:

  • In judging the safety and efficiency of the drivers

  • To monitor accidents

  • Obtain Vehicle Statistics Information

What is it?

Automobile industry is the major adopter of technology across the globe. Thus, with the emergence of driver behaviour analytics, it has become possible to track the vehicle and obtain critical information. By combining GPS system with on-board diagnostics, the vehicle’s record can be mapped like the location of the vehicle and its speed, and also how a vehicle is functioning internally.

Companies have increased the adoption of analytics to improve the market products and services. Advanced Driving Behaviour Analytics Solution provides information on how the driving style corresponds to the driving context and driving conditions. With ever-changing driving context like roads, and cities and driving conditions such as peak hours, weekends or weekdays, the driving style needs to be adapted as well. Thus, the same driving style is being interpreted differently depending on the driving context and conditions.

In addition, automakers are providing solutions like Driver Behaviour Aid feature, which includes an audible buzzer located within the vehicle to warn the driver in case of harsh acceleration, braking and cornering instances. This further helps in improved driving styles as it reminds the driver to drive carefully.


The connected vehicles are growing at a rapid pace has been across the globe, thus, the data also has been increased immensely, the crucial part lies in filleting the unstructured data into relevant insights and applying it in the real world. Driver Behaviour Analytics is one such type of intelligence that can be applied across multiple industries. For instance, it can be applied in the insurance vertical, to judge the safety and efficiency level of the drivers and offer targeted insurance premiums to select customers, based on their driving. Other domains where the Driver Behaviour Analytics can be applied are Fleet Management and Car Rental Providers, as these businesses can be massively benefitted by integrating the analytical solutions into their platform and thus, improve Safety, traffic Security, and can also reduce operational Costs.

– Priyanka Yadav
ICT Market Research Analyst
Infoholic Research