Desktop Analytics – Ensuring Employee Performance

May, 2019

A back office or a contact centre is most of the time a complex management challenge with multiple desktop applications in use. For any organization measuring handle times, identifying process inefficiencies or judging employee effectiveness becomes very difficult. Desktop Analytics involves collecting, monitoring and analysing data for every application login, mouse selection, screen navigation, field entry or any other activities, which an employee perform on their desktops.

Core Capabilities of Desktop Analytics Includes:

  • Tracking desktop application use and web site visits

  • Ensuring employees are in adherence to website usage policies

  • Monitoring system idle/active/locked states to understand productivity levels

  • Sending real-time alerts or reminders to an employee

  • Triggering a guidance callout or an automated workflow

  • Analysing process from start to end, for measuring handle time and identify inefficiencies

  • Knowing about different process paths which an employee takes

Few companies offering Desktop Analytics Solutions:

  • Verint

  • Microsoft

  • Countly

  • NICE

  • Calabrio

  • Teksouth


Organizations are leveraging the insights captured by desktop analytics in several ways, which are helping them to plan and design processes visually, initiate action based on desktop activity, and link the triggers needed for capturing key events from an employee desktop. Desktop analytics is bringing together all the activities and applications which is being used for creating a complete view of how employees are spending their time, by eliminating the costly and lengthy integrations.

– Sonam Chawla,
ICT - Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research