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Delivery business is a race to stay ahead of competitors with cost reduction

July, 2019

Delivery businesses spend a lot of time and resources for selecting the most efficient route. Delivery businesses mostly face challenges with respect to time and efficiency, and route optimization software addresses them by handling the routing times and enhancing the number of customers being served. This software helps them in finding the fastest and most efficient way to make all the deliveries. Route optimization software is also reducing the expenses of the companies by saving the fuel and managing the labor cost.

Route optimization for SME delivery business

SME delivery business which provides services only to the local customers are spending much of their time and money for delivery process. By manually mapping the delivery routes or using some inappropriate tools, SME’s are investing their maximum time and efforts for route planning only, which still needs to be adjusted throughout the day due to the unpredictable factors such as traffic patterns.

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For SME’s that only deliver locally they should focus more on reducing the expenses and enhancing operational efficiency so that they can stay ahead of their competitors. Route optimization software helps by lowering the costs associated with fuel and reducing the time spent on planning and helping SME’s to manage their delivery routes resulting in enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction, and improved ROI. Route optimization software by helping the drivers to reach right places more swiftly and efficiently solves the issues during last mile delivery.

For Example:

  • Frogbox, a delivery service provider in US and Canada is using Routific route optimization solution for spending less time on roads, saving fuel, and serving maximum number of customers.

  • Lee & Maria’s - a local delivery service of farm fresh vegetables and more is using route optimization software for finding fastest and most efficient way to make all the deliveries.

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Route optimization software for managing unexpected changes in delivery business

Route optimization software helps the companies in handling the unexpected diversions due to traffic jams, roadblocks, sudden demands from customers, and last-minute cancellations. The software in real-time calculates the best route for drivers to enhance the performance by delivering the product on right time to the customers.

- Sonam Chawla
ICT - Research Analyst
Infoholic Research