Customer Satisfaction is Focal Point for Telcos to Invest in Network Analytics

July, 2019

The telecom operators are expanding their efforts to reduce operation costs for telecom networks and monetize their services. Telecom market is becoming competitive with many consolidations in the market and top players are fighting among each other. Many telecom equipment providers are present in the market along with few software product vendors focusing on the telecom industry. Telcos are facing tremendous competition in the market to stay ahead in the market with client retention. Enterprises are enhancing their capability to understand their deficits in telecom network and gain insights on customer voice and data usage. The adoption of advanced network analytics is expected to help telecom networks especially with the advent of 5G to enhance data consumption among consumers. The vendors are expected to expand their partner networks thereby improving their capabilities in data integration, system integration, and compliance control in systems.

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The market is expected to witness several inorganic strategies to leverage its uptime of networks. Technologies such as IoT and analytics are leveraging the capabilities of network analysis and automatic decision making. The Asia Pacific and African region are expected to create a surge with growing telecom businesses in the region. Automation and AI are expected to transform the network systems and management. The CSP network analytics market is expected to grow with the integration of various stakeholders in software vendors, service players, and the OEMs.

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The market is growing with the presence of IT and utility giants and pure-play service vendors. The IoT and connected applications are growing which is expected to boost the CSP network analytics market. Ericsson, Nokia Corporation, Huawei, NetScout, and Cisco are few of the companies leading the market. The vendors are focusing on innovating various application or technology that help in easy detection of faults with a high focus on measurements of consumer usage of voice and data to maximize its usage of network infrastructure.

– Swarup Bhowal
ICT – Research Analyst
Infoholic Research