Crowd Analytics Market

Crowd Analytics Market

What is crowd analytics?

Crowd analytics is a solution that provides meaningful and actionable insights about the activities of the individuals at mass gathering places such as restaurants, sports stadiums, retail stores, metro & airport terminals, and bus stations among many others. Crowd analytics enhances business operations by leveraging crowd tracking and customer behavioral analysis.

By knowing about the crowd patterns, behaviour and density various industries such as retail, finance, transportation, marketing agencies and several others can be benefited by optimizing their revenue, increasing profits, enhancing investments decisions, and forecasting the market.

Crowd analytics benefits

Crowd analytics has several benefits for different verticals, few are listed below:

  • Provide safety and security in crowded places
  • Maximize business potential
  • Measure campaign effectiveness
  • Optimize marketing investment
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Fact-based decision making
  • Enhance market revenue and profit
  • Audience measurement
  • Deliver better-targeted marketing programs and pricing
  • Optimize customer service and marketing
  • Choose best locations for business
  • React faster to the dynamic market

Examples of crowd analytics

  • Crowd analytics solutions offered by Xtreme Media enable brands to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns by measuring customer insights related to emotions and demographics of the viewer.
  • AdMobilize, an AI and analytics provider, partnered with media mea LLC, a digital signage development firm for offering standard digital signage with in-built audience analytics solutions for tracking real-time advertisement performance and customer engagement.
  • Sagrada Familia, one of the most famous monuments in Barcelona, selected DFRC for analyzing footfall, nationality, and mobility patterns of tourists.
  • NYU Bookstore was looking for detailed visibility into traffic response and the effectiveness of promotional and advertising campaign along with conversion rates. With the help of Motionloft sensors, they could test marketing programs and campaigns.
  • SceneTap, a mobile-based and web-based nightlife app, partnered with Sightcorp for correctly retrieving real-time analytics (demographic information of the audience) from North American night venues, which help users to preview and select the best night spot.

Future perspective

The global crowd analytics market is expected to grow at a significant rate of around 25.8% during the forecast period, as there is an increase in demand for evaluating real-time crowd behavior to enhance the security & safety levels and to measure customer footfall to improve customer conversion. Security & safety held the largest market share in 2017 and is expected to continue the same during the next few years. Region-wise, North America is the largest and will further continue to be the highest market.

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– Sonam Chawla,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research