How Technology is Transforming Corporate Training Programs

September, 2019

Corporate training programs are the topmost priority for an organization for creating highly skilled and professional employees. For upskilling the workforce, accelerating their careers and keeping them more productive, organizations are providing corporate training programs.

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With the increasing number of online learning platforms, corporate training in revolutionizing which is helping organizations to keep their workforce more agile. With the technological advancements, organizations are now providing their employees access to the related in-demand skills and technologies. Technology integrated with corporate training programs is driving employee engagement by making corporate learning more interactive.

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Technology can be applied in corporate training program in 3 ways which includes:

  1. Video Conferencing Systems: These systems are helping instructors to enhance their corporate training initiatives by effectively handling distributed workforce. Several educational technology providers are offering online training services and GoTo Training solutions which allows real-time sharing of the screen.
  2. Immediate Response System: These systems are helping trainers in providing real-time feedback and suggestions to the employees. Immediate response systems are the two-way mechanisms, where even employees can share their feedback. Data collected through these systems are then used to make the future training programs more impactful and personalized.
  3. Gamification: This educational approach is gaining popularity even for the corporate learning as it involves a greater number of employees participating in learning programs. Gamification is also helping employees in enhancing knowledge retention post-training sessions. Devices including smartphones and AR wearables are used during corporate training games which makes learning more interactive and enhanced training outcomes.


Globally, organizations across verticals including BFSI, IT & Telecom, Retail & CPG are focusing towards transforming their approach towards employee learning and development and are heavily adopting corporate learning management system. Implementing technology in corporate learning improves efficiency in terms of accessibility and timelines. Technology is transforming corporate learning by coming up with approaches like online learning and gamification, which is strengthening corporate training strategies.

– Sonam Chawla
ICT – Research Analyst
Infoholic Research