AI and Automation – Future of Contact Center

September, 2019

AI and Automation will enable contact center agents to anticipate the needs of consumers, augmenting conversations, and automating conversations. By predicting the consumer needs, AI and Big Data can assist agents in providing instant help by reducing the time.

Chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants for reducing the contact center agents’ burden

Chatbots are increasingly gaining popularity amongst the enterprises as they help to grow their business by enriching customer service programs. Customer support & service is one of the significant factors for the success of any business as it directly contributes to the brand value of the company. Companies that offer excellent customer service are more profitable and productive when compared to others. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, by recognizing the user’s interest, browsing behavior, and preferences, engage users in a friendly conversation that can reduce the customer churn. One of the research indicates that “reducing customer churn by around 5% can lead to an increased profit of more than 20%”.

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These chatbots and virtual assistants are proactive in resolving all sorts of customer issues at any time of the day. Even the impatient customer, if receives instant and real-time help from customer support, can benefit the company in increasing customer engagement. These AI-enabled chatbots and virtual assistants, by instantly responding to an array of customer inquiries, help the organization in scaling up customer service. Conversational AI has automated the customer service tasks by using capabilities of AI such as ML and NLP by analyzing the customer queries and context, which can anticipate the needs of customers and enhance customer interaction.

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AI soft tools, including Big Data, ML, and NLP, are being used for making the contact center more effective and future-ready through automation, recommendations, and insights. Several companies, including Ameyo, Talkdesk, and many more, offer AI-based customer service and contact center solutions for delivering personalized customer experience, reducing customer attrition rate, and enhancing contact center efficiency & customer satisfaction rate.

– Sonam Chawla
ICT – Research Analyst
Infoholic Research