Connected Logistics

The emergence of IoT, mobility, and automation has changed various business operations of few industries over the last couple of years. The connected logistics vendors are primarily focusing on better tracking and reduce costs by providing quick logistics. Many large organizations outsource their logistics activities and requires the third-party logistics to adopt connected logistics to provide better customer experience for its clients. Organizations are facing tremendous competition, and it is crucial to improve the bottom-line in logistics, while maintaining the quality of service and increased surveillance. Customer satisfaction is likely to be the key factor for the growth of the connected logistics market in the near future. The connected logistics is expected to improve the trade management and supply chain. The connected logistics vendors are expected to expand their partner networks by improving data integration, system integration, and compliance control in logistics.

Enterprises across the globe are looking to make the supply chain processes smoother. Technologies such as IoT and data analytics are influencing better management among the logistics vendors. The influx of AI and ML is likely to derive more insights to enhance customer satisfaction and quick delivery from customers. The automation and AI are expected to transform the data integration and business management in the logistics industry. The connected logistics market is expected to grow, thereby improving data integration and providing transparency of vehicle movements for organizations.

The market is growing with the presence of IT giants and many pureplay vendors. SAP, Infosys, IBM, Cisco, and HCL Technologies are some of the companies that have been profiled in the report. The connected logistics vendors are focusing on IoT and integration capabilities to extract useful data to improve the logistics and operational efficiency.

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– Swarup Bhowal,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research