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Climate Apartheid – Climate Change Making Poor People Poorer

July, 2019

The world is witnessing severe shifts in climate and rising sea levels which is impacting the economic and social life in every country. According to UN human rights report, the world is rapidly approaching a stage of “climate apartheid” in which the rich could enjoy the basic resources for life despite the climate changes, while the poor will suffer. Wealthy people/organizations can mitigate effects such as food insecurity and protection from contagious diseases caused due to climate change. This is a global phenomenon and is becoming more relevant in developing economies including China and India. It is expected that climate change could force more than 100 million people to poverty by 2030 which could have severe impact on the global economy as well. For instance, in the last decade drought has affected more than 1 billion people worldwide and this had severe impact in the agriculture industry. This has led to severe food shortage in several parts of the world and has displaced several people.

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Climate change is expected to bring severe environmental changes including calamities which could affect mainly the poor people who are residing in locations prone to such calamities. Over the past 50 years, people who have died from poor countries due to natural disasters are more than the number of similar death cases in developed economies.

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Though governments across the world are taking initiatives for alleviating this issue most of these steps have either failed or have not reached the required level.


Most of the people living in poverty rely on agriculture for surviving. Weather shift, water scarcity, and heavy competition for resources can affect the livelihood of these people badly. Unless, a worldwide initiative supported by governments is initiated the world will experience a severe economic disaster.

– Arjun Das
ICT – Research Analyst
Infoholic Research