AI Powered Chatbots for Customer Support and Service

June, 2019

Customer Support and service is one of the major factors for success of any business as it directly contributes to the brand value of the company. Companies that offer good customer service are more profitable and productive and chatbots help in achieving this goal.

How AI powered chatbots are improving customer support and service

1. Enhanced Customer interaction and increased engagement

AI powered chatbots help by recognizing the user’s interest, browsing history and preferences and then react accordingly. These chatbots are proactive in resolving all sorts of customer issues and at any time of the day. Including the impatient and frustrated customer that requires extra attention seeks instant solution. In getting real time help from customer support through chatbots, the company will benefit by increasing customer engagement.

2. Pre-emptive response by chatbots

AI based chatbots have automated the customer service tasks by using capabilities of AI such as ML and NLP. These chatbots by harnessing the power of ML and predictive analytics and analysing the customer queries and context, can anticipate needs of customers.

3. Speed and scalability

AI powered chatbots can learn from every interaction which eliminates the need of employing more staff and training them. By speeding up the issue resolution, chatbots can improve the customer service satisfaction levels. These chatbots help by instantly responding to an array of customer queries instantly and by scaling up customer service.


AI based chatbots by delivering exceptional customer services makes it possible for any company to enhance customer satisfaction and retention rate. AI powered chatbots can automate the repetitive customer service tasks and help in delivering the high level of responsiveness as compared to humans. These chatbots help the companies in reducing time and efforts on rigorous training being provided to customer desk employees, resulting in improved Return on investment. A virtual agent in the form of chatbot, increases efficiency by swiftly responding to customer queries.

– Sonam Chawla
ICT - Research Analyst
Infoholic Research