4 Essential Truths About Healthcare Marketing

Essential Truths About Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing and Advertising can appear to be complex, confusing and daunting. What is the first thing that the patients enquire? Is it about the health services, the doctors, quality of service, the pricing or locations where they can avail the services?

Professional Healthcare Marketing is a unique opportunity for institutions to execute campaigns that profoundly impact the lives of their patients. It’s their responsibility to align with their organization’s mission and values using creativity, innovation and metrics.

Different factors make their way in the marketing plan. Here are the top essential facts surrounding healthcare marketing:

Each strategy is unique:

There is no single path for having a strong Marketing Presence. Every Healthcare Business is diverse and your approach for marketing is affected by your messaging and how it’s received. They have to leverage all avenues of marketing to be visible across all platforms, listing and sites.

For every place your potential patients are searching for information, Healthcare Providers, and answers, there’s a way for your healthcare business to have some kind of presence.

Plan for a SMART approach to healthcare marketing. SMART is an acronym standing for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Your business, Marketing and sales goals should be clearly defined by the leaders to drive this initiative.

Provide relevant & accurate information:

Patient Education is an important attribute in your Marketing plan. Patients are looking for information on symptoms and conditions online to aid them in making well-informed decisions. Understanding that and running blogs, videos and websites dedicated to educational campaigns and local initiatives is indispensable in your hospital’s marketing strategy.

For that your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) should be comfortable with talking to the media and tech savvy in answering the health-related queries. Having working knowledge on the current health trends, products and services will help in marketing them effectively.

User-friendly web experience:

A High-Quality Experience that patients will remember during their interaction with your website will drive your marketing goals. There are no short cuts for this. New websites should be elegant, easy-to-navigate and visually appealing. Patients should be able to use your tool bars and menus to quickly and efficiently find the information they wanted.

Having a Search Engine Optimized website helps in listing your hospital among the pages of an online search by the patients.

Marketing Success is not overnight:

Every plan will require time to show results. The initial adrenal rush tapers off, leaving behind doubts on whether they made right investments. Marketeers will lose focus and stop their strategies midway without any results to show for their Higher Managements. These things take time, and if it’s something you’ve never done before then how are you supposed to know when to expect what? Look for subtle changes; when you are doing something new, sometimes you need a new measure of success.

Clear benefits of healthcare marketing:

  • Find prospective patients with business objectives in mind, i.e. a healthy payer mix, high-value service line growth
  • Drive more qualified leads, generate revenue with healthy margins
  • Keep patients engaged with relevant, personalized, timely outreach throughout their journeys
  • Retain patients long-term and improve loyalty in your healthcare community
  • Increase strategic advantage to attract patients in a hypercompetitive landscape
  • Connect with patients across multiple channels
  • Evaluate productivity and re-align strategy with comprehensive data analytics

– Shantha Kumari
Sr. Technical Writer
Infoholic Research