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Infoholic Research is a global market research company offering strategic and high-level market intelligence in niche technologies. We work with business houses and deliver market as well as technology related insights, enabling our clients to forge strategies that drive growth. Our indigenous market research and consulting methodologies involve best practices that undergo rigorous qualitative proceedings. Through a strong team placed across the globe, backed by rich industry experience, we offer value to top notch companies of the world. Infoholic Research’s unique insights have enabled the CEOs, CTOs, business leaders, technology investors, etc. to get a crystal clear view of the forecast in their respective domains and yield critical decisions.


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Top 10 benefits of Whitepapers, and the kind of content it should demands

Currently, about 65-70% B2B firms, across the globe use white papers as part of their marketing strategy. Sighting this growth in the demand of Whitepapers, Infoholic Research has come up with concrete steps in this forum to deliver the best to the Industries. Following are the 10 benefits Infoholic Research offers in its Whitepaper:     […]

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